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Building Business
While Working Full Time Mastermind

The Building Business While Working Full Time Mastermind is designed for a small group of career women who have started an entrepreneurial journey to gain Executive Level advice, resources, strategies, connections and more.

Why Are Masterminds So Powerful?
  1. Everybody has BS (Blind Spots)

    • We all struggle with self doubt, analysis paralysis and a host of other things that keep us stuck.

    • The other reality is that we can't see certain BS in our own business and need an outside perspective

  2. If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

    • Being part of a dedicated mastermind can quickly become an invaluable part of your network.​

    • Meeting with a group of like-minded and qualified peers who have your best interest in mind provides a high level and more quality feedback.

You've got the skills, now what you need is an EXPERIENCE to help you reach your goals. Join the
Building Business
While Working Full Time Mastermind

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This could be just what you've been looking for IF...’re looking to create your biggest business breakthrough in 2022.

...if you're overwhelmed by all of the possible projects you COULD do and need help clarifying what you SHOULD be doing to actually achieve your business goals. feel like strategy, coaching, community and support are currently missing in your business.’re ready to grow your network of quality peers to include focused entrepreneurs with whom you can talk strategy, growth, and taking your business to the next level.

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